Have a question?


1. Where does your bamboo come from?

The bamboo is sourced sustainably from Zheijiang Province in southern China. Bamboo is a rapidly growing plant and requires little resources such as pesticides & vast amounts of water like other crops such as cotton. It is commercially farmed for use in our cups along with other bamboo products. No pandas will go hungry!!

2. What are the cups made of?

Our cups are made of bamboo, corn starch, wood chaff & resin. The resin is made up of melamine & formaldehyde which are common elements found in many household products and needed to make the cups watertight and durable.Our cups have been tested by TUV Rheinland and passed with flying colours, according to the European standard. 

3. Can I buy spare seals?

If you're missing a seal we're happy to post you one for free - just send us an email - sales@ozcorp.com.au with your address!

4. I've broken my lid - can I buy a new one?

Unfortunately we don't have spare lids but it's worth checking with us to see if there is one that's become separated from it's cup that might match your broken one. Contact us by email to find out.

5. Can I use my cup in the microwave?

NO. Like any product containing melamine, the cups & lids are NOT microwave safe. They are designed to replace the non-biodegradable cardboard/plastic takeaway cup and reduce landfill - not behave like a ceramic mug. If you leave your coffee or tea for a while and then need to reheat it please pour it into a ceramic mug to do so.

6. Is my cup dishwasher safe?

YES! We recommend that you just place the cup in the top shelf of your dishwasher- the lid can go in there too but many customers prefer to hand wash the lid to keep an eye on their seals.

7. What are the minimum & maximum temperatures of liquid I can put in my cup?

Our cups can have frozen (slushie) liquids put in them as well as hot drinks such as tea and black coffee. We don't recommend you put them in the freezer though. The cups are perfectly safe up to 120 degrees celsius but if you can find a drink that hot as well as enjoy drinking it let us know! 

8. Why is there a hole in the middle of the lid?

This is for straws (preferably paper or bamboo but no judgement!) and can be used by kids & adults alike for cold drinks like milkshakes & smoothies.

9. When I drink there is too much suction, how do I fix this?

Check that the pin-hole in the silicone seal is not blocked - sometimes a silicone nib can remain there after manufacture, these are meant to be removed so you can easily drink from the cup. Just pinch it with your fingers to remove or a pair of tweezers.

10. I've heard of the dangers of melamine - are your cups tested for safety?

Yes. Our supplier has provided us with tests by a German company called TUV Rheinland where the cups comply with European Safety standard EU No 264/2011. The last thing we want to do is try to solve an environmental problem with a health problem! Formaldehyde is part of melamine & is used in the manufacture of hundreds of household items such as cleaning products, fabric softener, some cosmetics & fabrics. It also occurs naturally in minute amounts as part of human metabolic process and in some fish, fruits & alcoholic beverages. The largest man-made source of formaldehyde in the environment is from combustion of fuel from vehicles and from woodsmoke so it is far more common than many people understand.