All about Happy Green Whale


When you buy one of our Happy Green Whale Bamboo eco cups you are reducing waste from takeaway coffee cups. Our cups are:

  • made mostly with bamboo, corn starch & wood chaff, with some resin to bind it all together
  • have a screw-on lid (won't pop off!)
  • have a resealable lid tab so any leftovers won't leak
  • include a handy straw hole for smoothies & other cold drinks
  • the cup & lids are fully compostable and take around 3 years to break down
  • the silicone sleeve & lid seal are fully recyclable in your domestic plastic bin
  • are packaging-free (nude whales!)
  • 340mL/12 oz in size
  • dishwasher safe (but no microwaving please!)

Each design has been lovingly crafted by our team and are exclusive to HGW.